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    Favorite Instant Pot Recipes

    How many of you got an Instant Pot for Christmas, raise your hand? This little wonder makes using a pressure cooker something even you and I can do at home. It’s not only for Iron Chefs anymore! Sorry, Bobby Flay… So, for all the newbies to the world of Instant Pot, welcome, and for those of you’ve who’ve been around the block, maybe you’ll find something new. I’ve put together a round-up of a few of my favorite recipes: Instant Pot Sweet Potato Curry Soup Filipino Adobo Chicken (my top favorite) – Food & Sunshine Nomato Sauce (for my AIP friends) – Food & Sunshine Paleo Pumpkin Chili – Strictly Delicious Chicken &…

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    Homemade Cleaner: Two Ways

    I’ve been on a mission over the last year to clear out the chemicals and toxins from our home, and simplify overall. Those two things come together in the shape of a reused spray bottle filled with non-toxic, homemade cleaner.  Traditional household cleaners are way more dirty than they are clean, and they emit an insane amount of chemicals into your home. A number of chemicals in household cleaners are linked to asthma, reproductive impacts, and cancer, and that’s not even covering the environmental effects.  Also, can we talk about the amount of cleaners we (or I) think we needed to clean the house? Something for the shower, toilets, counters, windows, oven, and…

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    Instant Pot Sweet Potato Curry Soup

    Let’s talk about soup baby, let’s talk about you and me, let’s talkabout soup… soup weather is officially here, and this tasty little Sweet Potato Curry Soup is hardy and filling. The mixture of creamy sweet potatoes, sweet coconut milk, and the depth of flavors from the curry powder is so comforting. The added beauty of this soup is that is all gets cooked straight in the Instant Pot. This weekend was the first big snowfall in Colorado. After waking up I walked downstairs to find huge fluffy snowflakes drifting down all around, and it felt like the winter season was on its way. Nothing is better than being cozy inside, with…

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    Honey Lemonade Carrots

    Happy November! The countdown to Thanksgiving is finally upon us and I am getting so excited! While I love Christmas I think Thanksgiving has an extra special place in my heart. Christmas is about getting presents, whereas Thanksgiving is about being present with your family and friends. I also think this time of year is about gathering more often around the table. And when you gather people around your table you get to present them with a meal that says you care for them and want to nourish them. Well, this recipe is a perfect side dish to your meal when you gather friends and family. It was first imagined by…

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    Eight Ways to Be Greener

    Remember Capitan Planet who joined forces with the Planeteers to defend Earth from pollutants? Well, I think we should all become planeteers, cause “with our powers combined” we can “fight on the planet side.” But seriously, it has been very heavy on my heart and mind lately reflecting on the impact I make on the Earth, and how I can be a better steward of this place we call home. So, here are some eco-swaps I’ve been making, that when our powers combine can make a difference in how we consume, how we reduce, and reuse. Here are eight ways you can go greener: Swap out your luffa and bottled soap…

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    My Autoimmune Protocol Journey

    Last Wednesday marked my first thirty days of following the Autoimmune Protocol, or AIP diet. It’s not a “diet” in the sense that the goal is to lose weight, rather it is an elimination diet to aid in healing and helping to recognize and address foods that I might be sensitive to. A few months back I got sick, and along with that came bad joint pain, especially in my wrists and ankle, and finger swelling that was quite painful. I eventually got better, but my joint pain didn’t go anywhere, and some days it was worse. I started going to the acupuncturist regularly, started taking herbs to help kick it, figuring…

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    Portuguese Breakfast

    Portugal has always been high on my list of travel destinations, and a little over a year ago Drew and I had the pleasure of visiting during our last vacation. We started in Amsterdam where we had the gift of visiting the Keukenhof tulip gardens (they are only open a few weeks in spring), then headed south to Barcelona where we meet family for a couple of awesome days. Drew’s cousin Eric studied abroad, so it was a blast getting to see the city though his eyes! If you ever get the chance to visit, DO IT! La Sagrada Familia is truly magical and awh inspiring! Here we are exploring the Keukenhof:…

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    Things I’m Loving Thursday: Kitchen Gear

    Happy Thursday ya’ll! I hope your week has been treating you well thus far! Last week, for our anniversary we did a French Riviara cooking class at Uncorked Kitchen. Drew and I enjoy cooking and do a pretty good job in the kitchen, but it is always fun to go to a cooking class and make something we wouldn’t normally make at home. Our class menu included rosemary parm crackers with an olive tapenade, tuna nicoise salad, bouillabaisse, and lemon tarts!     It was delicious and a blast trying new techniques and recipes out together! I would highly recommend a date night cooking class. Sir La Table also does…

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    Our Wedding Day

    Today is a special day for Drew and me, we are celebrating our four year anniversary! I know it’s something everyone probably says, but it really does seem like it was just yesterday that I was getting ready to walk down the aisle to meet my best friend and my partner. And more than that, it’s is still crazy to think that nine years ago, during my freshman move-in weekend I met my future husband. I never wanted to stay in state for college, but clearly, God had different plans for me. Our wedding day was truly magical! I may have busted the belt on my dress shortly before walking down…

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    10 Uses for Coconut Oil

    We all probably have a jar in our pantry of miracle oil (aka coconut oil), but we probably have few ideas what else to do with it beyond roasting veggies. This stuff is not only packed full of health benefits, but there are so many of other uses for coconut oil beyond cooking that after you read my list of 10 other uses you will probably want a jar on every level of your house! Hair mask – when you’re overdue for a hair cut, or have been heat styling your hair a lot, coconut oil makes for a great moisturizing hair mask. I recommend warming the oil in your hands and…