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    10 Uses for Coconut Oil

    We all probably have a jar in our pantry of miracle oil (aka coconut oil), but we probably have few ideas what else to do with it beyond roasting veggies. This stuff is not only packed full of health benefits, but there are so many of other uses for coconut oil beyond cooking that after you read my list of 10 other uses you will probably want a jar on every level of your house! Hair mask – when you’re overdue for a hair cut, or have been heat styling your hair a lot, coconut oil makes for a great moisturizing hair mask. I recommend warming the oil in your hands and…

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    Homemade Sugar Scrub

    Raise your hand if you wish you could carve out a little bit more time for self-care. I’m pretty sure everyone should raise their hand for this one! From grinding away at work, to getting dinner together every day, to trying to keep the house clean, carving out a few minutes to give yourself a little love isn’t always easy. My friend for Christmas gave me a homemade sugar scrub and I totally fell in love! I’ve kept it in the shower, and a couple days a week I’ll give myself a little sugar scrub love. I specifically focus on patches of skin that get extra dry and/or a little…

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    Swap This for That: SPF Moisturizer

    Since college the food I put in my body has been a priority, and that doesn’t just mean no processed foods, but the quality of the food means a lot to me. This year, I want to do better at applying that same philosophy to my beauty and skincare. Since our skin is the largest organ in our body, it ends up taking on a huge toxic load from the layering, slathering, and powdering we do on a daily basis. And lately you’ve probably seen a lot products advertising “free from parabens, fragrances, etc,” but have you ever stopped yourself and asked “why?” Parabens are probably the most widely found substance…

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    Workout Wednesday

    Ever have those days where you feel like every part of your body needs some attention? Unless I am doing yoga, I usually train muscle groups once a week (back, chest and shoulders, ets.), but every once in a while I want to feel like every part of me put in some effort with a mix of weight-bearing and cardio exercises. Last week I had one of those days, so this was the circuit workout I put together to get my heart rate up and the sweat dripping. Circuit – 3x through: 1. 15 Boxers / 15 uppercuts / 15 crossbody with weights 2. Slam ball with squats – 15x 3. Lunge…

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