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    Workout Wednesday: Partner Workout

    A few months ago, before Valentine’s Day, my team and I put together a workout for the SPRI blog. The inspiration behind the workout was to put together a routine you could do with a partner; your best friend, your SO, or your favorite gym buddy. Working out with someone is a great motivator, and it also helps introduce you to new movements that you might not have tried before. A lot of these workouts target different muscle groups depending on what part of the movement you are performing. For example, you could be engaging your core for Reverse Crunch with a Superband, or if you are the stabilizer, you…

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    Kettlebell Circuit Workout

    Dumbbells, jump ropes, squat racks, weight bars, and most other pieces of equipment in the gym are great for two or three movements, but kettlebells are great for a range of movements that can target the entire body. I’ve gone through a number of evolutions regarding how I workout, cardio focused, body part splits, etc, but recently I have been building routines that focus on the entire body during each workout. Why let that booty go five days without a little building? This kettlebell circuit takes one piece of equipment, plus an optional jump rope to target your full body. You could use different weights depending on the movement, but…

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    Four Lessons I’m Learning While Healing

    As I write this post I am currently in the fourth week of getting treatments for my shoulder and have been reflecting quite a bit on the process and feelings I’ve been experiencing. I noticed shoulder issues start to flare up about a year and a half ago while I was going through my 200-hour yoga teacher training. I’m not sure if I had shoulder injuries that already existed, but as you can imagine 200 hours of yoga training takes a major toll on your body, and ultimate made whatever issue might already have existed much worse through overuse. I also suspect that my neck issues, from a past car accident,…

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    Sweaty Circuit Workout

    Just cause it’s the season of sweets, tons of parties, and festive cocktails, doesn’t mean its also the season to let go of your fitness goals. Staying up with your workout routine will help you make healthier decisions at all the parties, plus you’ll feel great in the sparkly little holiday dress! Full disclosure, I did fall off the wagon a bit while in AZ… so, last week, after getting home I was jonesing for a sweaty, full-body workout, to help get me back on track. This little circuit got my heart rate up and sweat dripping. Gear you’ll need: Kettlebell SPRI Slam Ball  Medicine Ball  Dumbbells  Circuit – 4x…

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    Finding Time for the Mat

    I’m only a couple of weeks away from starting my yoga teacher training and I’m trying to find more time on the mat each week! This Labor Day weekend was no exception. Drew and I headed up to Copper Mountain with the family for a wonderful escape and a chance to enjoy great music at Copper Country – it’s our Labor Day tradition! One of my favorite parts of the weekend was grabbing my mat, my man, and heading out into the quiet village to find a sunny (and flat) spot to roll out our mats. Drew doesn’t normally practice with me, so this was a special treat. Look at this great…

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    Finding Purpose

    We all crave purpose. We want to feel that we have a reason to get up every morning, to keep pushing forward even when the road gets bumpy, to define our reason for being. I’ve been seeking my purpose. I watched Drew go back to school last semester, chasing after something that challenged him. He wanted to learn, to further his career, to have purpose. I was, and am, so proud of him, but in watching him seek his purpose it became clear to me that I didn’t know what mine was. What is this purpose I seek? I want something that lets me feel personally challenged, to learn more about…

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    Workout Wednesday

    It’s huuuump day!  I know, I’m real mature!  Here’s a workout I put together after I finished my last program and needed to mix it up a little.  This hump blaster is sure to please. Superset: Weighted hip thrusters with back on bench 3×25 Bench Crunches 3×25 Superset: Bench push up with alternating leg lift (be sure to squeeze thy butt) 3×25 Roman twist with weighted ball 3×25 Bench step-up kick with lunge 3×12 *This is a bit awkward at first, but it’ll get your butt burning in no time.  Do one leg at a time.  Step-up on the the bench and kick out with the alternate leg, then kick…

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    Weekend Workout

    Happy Sunday everyone! Drew and I spent Friday evening partying like it was the 1960’s at his company holiday party, so that meant munching on some fish and chips and enjoying a drink… or two.  On Saturday we slept in much later than normal, did some shopping, and picked up some beautiful Cole Haan baby blue loafers!  Check’em out, they’re on sale!  We then finished they day with good friends of ours watching American Sniper. Bradley Cooper did an amazing portrayal of a true American Hero, Chris Kyle.  The movie was a raw and enlightening depiction of a life of a soldier fighting in Iraq and what struggles our soldiers have when coming…

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    The Deadlift

    Time for deadlifts baby!  Who doesn’t love a sexy lower back? Deadlifts are one of the three main powerlifting exercises, the other two are squats and the bench press.  When doing deadlifts you are using more muscles in your body than any other exercise/lift you could perform.  Your main muscle being used is your lower back, but you are also incorporating your: calves, forearms, glutes, hamstrings, lats, middle back, and quadriceps.  It is a powerhouse of an exercise! Doing deadlifts are great not only because you work so many muscles, but it helps you decrease lower back pain, increase your grip and it also helps teach proper form for lifting…

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    Mexico Countdown

    Ugh – so the six pack was finally starting to come in and then… Christmas.  I love Christmas, I love seeing my family, I love giving presies, but lets be honest, I really love the food and wine! So needless to say, Christmas was not as great of a time on my abs or weight.  I don’t generally like to step on the scale, I think its evil, but I had stepped on before and after Christmas out of curiosity.  I sure saw the extra weight in the mirror and apparently the scale did too. Please follow and like us:

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