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    Winding River Ranch Wedding

    I am a total sucker for weddings, especially when they are for two people I totally adore! Maybe also in part because my wedding day was one of the best in my life, so weddings always bring back happy memories. There is the first look between the bride and the groom as she is walking down the isle, the sermon from the pastor, the vows, the first kiss, toasts, and dancing, lots and lots of dancing! A few weekends ago we were lucky enough to witness the love and commitment of my beautiful cousin-in-law and her new hubby in Grand Lake, CO at Winding River Ranch. As far as dream…

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    Workout Wednesday: Partner Workout

    A few months ago, before Valentine’s Day, my team and I put together a workout for the SPRI blog. The inspiration behind the workout was to put together a routine you could do with a partner; your best friend, your SO, or your favorite gym buddy. Working out with someone is a great motivator, and it also helps introduce you to new movements that you might not have tried before. A lot of these workouts target different muscle groups depending on what part of the movement you are performing. For example, you could be engaging your core for Reverse Crunch with a Superband, or if you are the stabilizer, you…

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    Kettlebell Circuit Workout

    Dumbbells, jump ropes, squat racks, weight bars, and most other pieces of equipment in the gym are great for two or three movements, but kettlebells are great for a range of movements that can target the entire body. I’ve gone through a number of evolutions regarding how I workout, cardio focused, body part splits, etc, but recently I have been building routines that focus on the entire body during each workout. Why let that booty go five days without a little building? This kettlebell circuit takes one piece of equipment, plus an optional jump rope to target your full body. You could use different weights depending on the movement, but…

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    Protecting Your Energy

    I’m going to make an assumption, but I’m guessing we’ve all had a few experiences that resemble something like one of these situations: You go into the break room at work and see a coworker, and say, “Good morning! How are you today?” You are in a great mood and genuinely interested in how they are doing. They reply with something like, “Ugh, different day, same shit.” You come home from work where you had a great and productive day, and the best song was just on the radio as you pull into the garage. You walk in, and immediately the energy is different, your partner is grumpy and in a…

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    Homemade Sugar Scrub

    Raise your hand if you wish you could carve out a little bit more time for self-care. I’m pretty sure everyone should raise their hand for this one! From grinding away at work, to getting dinner together every day, to trying to keep the house clean, carving out a few minutes to give yourself a little love isn’t always easy. My friend for Christmas gave me a homemade sugar scrub and I totally fell in love! I’ve kept it in the shower, and a couple days a week I’ll give myself a little sugar scrub love. I specifically focus on patches of skin that get extra dry and/or a little…

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    Quinoa Yogurt Parfait

    This tasty little number is a play off a traditional granola & yogurt parfait. A few summers back we went through a yogurt parfait breakfast kick for weeks. I am not one that can eat the same thing day after day, I literally gag when my body has had it too much of something. So, the quinoa swap for granola was just what I needed to change things up just enough. I honestly don’t remember why the thought of quinoa and yogurt came to me, but it ends up being a beautiful breakfast marriage! The quinoa stands up to the yogurt and fruit, with nice dense little bites of the…

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    Mother’s Day Gift Guide

    Mom’s are seriously the best! Not only do they nurture you and help you grow from just a little hope, to that adorable little baby, but they are there all along  your journey helping you, pushing you, and encouraging you! My mom is still the first person I call when I don’t feel good, need some advice, or just want to talk. I put together a little gift guide to for the moms in your life, whether they need a little R&R, or just wants to curl up with a good book. Hope this helps you find the perfect gift for your mama! 1. The Spa Kit – for a luxurious…

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    Sweet Potato Mini Pizzas

    You know those weeknights when you are craving pizza, but feel like you need to make better decisions with your life? Don’t pretend you don’t know, it happens every week! Well, the Sweet Potato, Goat Cheese, and Bacon Egg Bake I made for Easter, inspired these Sweet Potato Mini Pizzas. These tasty little slices are super easy to make, making them a great weeknight meal to throw together while still conquering your pizza cravings. The sweet potato serves as a tasty crust but also makes them the perfect size for mini ‘zas, so you can eat quite a few without the post-pizza guilt. Ingredients: 2-3 medium sweet potatoes (I prefer the potato-shaped versions for…

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    Four Lessons I’m Learning While Healing

    As I write this post I am currently in the fourth week of getting treatments for my shoulder and have been reflecting quite a bit on the process and feelings I’ve been experiencing. I noticed shoulder issues start to flare up about a year and a half ago while I was going through my 200-hour yoga teacher training. I’m not sure if I had shoulder injuries that already existed, but as you can imagine 200 hours of yoga training takes a major toll on your body, and ultimate made whatever issue might already have existed much worse through overuse. I also suspect that my neck issues, from a past car accident,…

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    Easter Brunch Recipe Round-Up

    Spring has officially sprung, whether or not the weather where you live seems like it. As I put together this post it’s snowing outside, but I guess for us Coloradans it doesn’t feel like spring until we get a few good snow storms. I’ve put together an Easter brunch recipe round up to help you make healthy, and delicious selections for your Easter meal. This is a special holiday that should be more about time with your family than being posted up in front of the stove. Everything in this round up is paleo (minus some cheese), and gluten-free. You won’t have to bust out the stretchy pants to enjoy…

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